Sea glass

This favorite material discovered on the beach, clearly reveals the identity and intimacy of the working process. Its soft powdery colors are washed out and worn away by water, salt and time. This material reveals the beauty of an old oil jar or the sublime transformation of a bottle, once broken. Entwined with gold thread, alive and vibrant under the effects of light that play with the transparencies of color.

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The desire to leave an imprint of a form’s beauty in the memory using an archaic technique: an imprint, but an imprint in reverse. No artifice covers up the imperfections in the relief surfaces of crab pinchers, shells and of other remains that are attached to a torc necklace or a cuff bracelet. The elements take on a new dimension in contrasts of rough and perfectly finished, and in the use of two-tone metals.

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The primal aspect of rocks formed millions of years ago in the bowels of the Earth. Their brutality is contrasted with minimal detail. These mineral eruptions are sufficient in themselves, mounted on silver and structured by a loosely-adjusted yellow gold wire. Rough edges shine forth without obstruction or constraint.

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