Pendants, sea glass and 18K gold
The curved shapes suggest the power of the waves. Pink, purple, amber and emerald have turned into cosmetic colors.

Earrings, sea glass and 18K gold
Diaphanous with a texture evoking skin.

Stabile earrings, sea glass and 18K gold.
Light and airy, their construction elaborates a playful balance.

Necklace, sea glass and 18K gold
Over time, the sharp edges were rounded and the polished surfaces lost their shine.
The craftsmanship of the sea evokes a contemporary archaeology enhanced by ghostly white.

Brooch, sea glass and 18K gold
Abstract form, two crosses mounted on a gold circle, in staggered lines to lighten the design.

Ring, sea glass and 18K gold
One of the most sought after colors, mauve,
is illuminated with a simple yellow-gold braid.

Ring, sea glass, silver and 18K gold.
Playing with the founded shapes to built a piece, in a constant search for simplicity.
The superposition of glasses, the gold setting, give a massive and delicate aspect to this ring.